Genealogy Joghems, Jochems
the descendants of Severinus Jochems from Reijkevorsel

This genealogy is about the descendants of Severinus Jochems who in the 18th century departed from Reijkevorsel to Vianen. These descendants bear the names Jochems as well as Joghems and currently live in the Netherlands, France, Spain, the USA and Argentina

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The earliest ancestor

The earliest know ancestor Joachim Nicolai Jansen lived in Belgium. He died Meerle 5 July 1674 and is married with Lucia Cornellissen.
Their last son, Adamus, moves to Zundert. He is the ancestor for the Zundert" branch published by J. Jochems in Tilburg named:

My genealogy addresses the descendants of Joachim Nicolai Jansen's third son, named Severinus, baptised Meerle 25-7-1680 and his eighth child, again a Severinus, baptised Reijkevorsel 31-12-1714. This Severinus moves to the north and settles in Vianen.

The names Jochems and Joghems

Joghems is in The Netherlands a not too common name, whereas Jochems is. Before the introduction (by Napoleon) of the civil reggistration these two names were often used either way including other varieties as Jochchemz, Joghhems, Joggums en Jogchems.
After the introduction of the civil reggistration the names stabilize and in Vianen we see the name Jochems and in Amsterdam the name Joghems.
In Belgium we find today many persons with the name Jochems.

Adjacent map is a part of Brabant which now is partly Belgium and partly the Netherlands, where my ancestors lived in the 17the century.

Severinus, or Zeverijn as he now calles himself, is the ancestor of Jochems and Joghems who from Vianen will populate the western part of The Netherlands.


Marriage register Vianen 9-5-1754 of Zeverijn (Severinus) Jochems (baptized Reijkevorsel 31-12-1714) en Dirkje Bogaard

Baptis registration Meerle 25-7-1680 of Severinus Jochems son of Joachim Nicolai Jansen en Lucia Cornellissen. (married Meerle 5-7-1674).